Meet Dani

With over two decades of dedicated experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success to the table. My journey in the professional world has been characterized by a commitment to achieving excellence across various domains, underpinned by strategic insight, analytical acumen, and an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results.

My experience as an Experienced Operations Leader has equipped me with the skills to orchestrate teams, streamline processes, and champion efficiency gains. I have consistently demonstrated my ability to ensure that operations run smoothly and effectively.

As a Process Improvement Specialist, my analytical skills have been put to work to identify inefficiencies within workflows. Through strategic enhancements, I have driven tangible productivity improvements across a spectrum of projects.

My career journey has uniquely prepared me for roles that involve project management responsibilities. I have successfully navigated complex initiatives, translating high-level visions into practical, on-the-ground results. This has encompassed meticulous planning, resource allocation, and overseeing project lifecycles to ensure they align with strategic objectives.

My passion for fostering customer success extends beyond any formal designations. I have consistently optimized client engagement and satisfaction, leading to tangible improvements in customer experiences and increased retention rates.

Furthermore, my proficiency in graphic design extends to tools like Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign and Photoshop, as well as Figma. This expertise allows me to craft captivating, user-friendly, and responsive designs, whether for websites or a range of materials, from business cards to flyers.

My dedication to continuous growth is unwavering. I am committed to seeking innovative ways to expand my skill set and adapt to evolving landscapes. Whether strategizing as an Operations Leader, optimizing processes as a Process Improvement Specialist, managing projects, fostering customer success, or crafting compelling designs, my passion and dedication consistently shine through. I am a dynamic professional who consistently exceeds expectations and is ready to support companies in their journey to success.

Work Experience

Manager of Customer Success Onboarding Department

Fullsteam (ERS + DRS)

July 2022 - Current

  • Led a diverse team of professionals including customer success managers, account executives, and onboarding specialists to ensure optimized customer experiences.

  • Orchestrated cross-departmental collaboration with sales, web development, and tech support teams, resulting in seamless onboarding and customer interactions.

  • Strategically assigned projects, capitalizing on individual team member strengths, to maximize customer service efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Proactively monitored onboarding progress, managed escalations, and ensured precise account configurations, resulting in tailored and effective customer solutions.

  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to analyze existing processes and identify areas for enhancement, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved customer experiences.

  • Utilized CRM systems to track customer interactions and data, extracting insights that inform process improvements and contribute to a 15% increase in customer retention.

  • Led process mapping initiatives, documenting current and desired workflows to facilitate clear communication across departments and drive process alignment.

  • Developed and maintained comprehensive documentation, including standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training materials, ensuring consistency in process execution and knowledge sharing..

Creator & Founder

Foster Accountability

May 2020 - Current

  • Pioneered a user-centric app for foster and kinship parents, optimizing administrative workflows and fostering improved child care through innovative relationship-building features.

  • Managed organizational operations, effectively overseeing programs, services, and budgets to ensure sustainable growth and user satisfaction.

  • Partnered with developers to ensure exceptional application performance, fostering iterative feedback loops for continuous product enhancement.

  • Led brainstorming sessions, guided product development, and maintained a user-centric approach that aligned with the mission.

Virtual Assistant and Process Improvement Coordinator

DazzlinDeZigns, LLC

August 2019 - July 2022

  • Transformed client operations by analyzing existing processes, pinpointing inefficiencies, and devising strategic improvements to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Designed and executed tailored process workflows, leveraging keen understanding of client goals, resulting in streamlined operations and measurable enhancements.

  • Spearheaded software evaluation and selection initiatives, identifying optimal tools aligned with client requirements and overseeing successful implementation to drive operational excellence.

  • Collaborated closely with clients to understand needs, provide expert insights, and deliver comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrated process enhancements and software implementations.

Director of Child Development Center & Office Manager

Jeremiah Program

June 2017 - August 2019

  • Led the Child Development Center (CDC) and provided integral support to a diverse leadership team, including roles like Executive Director and Development Director.

  • Cultivated a safe and nurturing haven for children aged newborn to 5 years, meticulously adhering to state and federal childcare mandates.

  • Championed staff development, introducing clear guidelines and innovative teaching practices that uplifted educational outcomes.

  • Steered the day-to-day operations with a keen eye on center finances, demonstrating adeptness in strategic planning and fiscal responsibility.

  • Revolutionized CDC processes by introducing and maintaining software systems, ensuring seamless technical support and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • Mastered documentation practices, capturing the essence of discussions and decisions through meticulously detailed meeting minutes.

  • Orchestrated committee meetings, crafted impactful communications, and adeptly managed external inquiries, establishing myself as the go-to point of contact for both internal and external stakeholders.


      Project Management (Trello, Asana, ClickUp, Monday), Data Analysis & Reporting, Business Process Analysis & Improvement, Workflow Optimization & Documentation, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Customer Engagement & Retention Strategies, CRM Systems (HubSpot, Dubsado), Process Documentation & Mapping, Team Leadership & Coaching, Regulatory Compliance, Facilities Coordination, Ticketing Systems (ZenDesk), Collaboration Tools (Slack, Google Workspace), Software Proficiency (Microsoft Office, Adobe DC Pro), Budgeting & Resource Allocation



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